Bitumen Price

Bitumen Price (such as Bulk Bitumen Price , New Steel Drum Bitumen Price or other packing type prices) is based on different objects, one of the most important elements on Bitumen Price is Crude Oil price.

Crude Oil price mainly effects the Vacuum Bottom (VB) prices that is the main item to produce Bitumen.

Since last 5 years Crude Oil price terribly decreased, so we are experiencing new condition in the market.

Another element on the Bitumen Price is the Market Demand, market demand comes up from Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of each developing country. Every tender or requirement for Bitumen in countries need well finance, so, the economic condition of countries has the direct effect on the demand and Bitumen Price.

On the other hand, all the roads and construction project would continue working on the Normal Weather condition so, in some countries like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and …, in rainy season like Manson, the Bitumen Price will decrease.

At the end, Bitumen Package, Local transportation fee, National Holidays in Loading and Discharge Ports , type of Payment and Sea freight beside the above mention items has the direct impact on the Bitumen Price

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Crude Oil Price Fluctuation in last 5 years