Slack Wax

Slack Wax is the feedstock for parrafin, which is a mixture of oil and wax. It is a byproduct derived in the process of producing Lube cut. During paraffin wax production, Slack wax is feuded into the system as raw material which is finally processed into different grades of Paraffin Wax after performing the refining processes, defiling and bleaching. The oil extracted during the defiling process, is a byproduct called ‘residue wax’ (aka Foots Oil). Slack wax is naturally brown in color, ranging from 4% oil content to more than 35% generally,

Types of slack wax:

There are two types of Slack wax: Light Slack Wax and Heavy Slack Wax, which can result in different types of paraffin wax applicable in various industries. Usually Light Slack wax is processed for production of fully-refined paraffin wax which can be used in cosmetics and food industries. Yet, Heavy Slack Wax is usually processed into semi-refined paraffin wax that contains higher weight percentage of oil in it and is applicable in candles, rubbers, adhesive and hot melts, inks, industries. Slack wax is feedstock for Paraffin Wax and Residue Wax. Although Slack Wax is more of a wax material than a product to the company, yet Galaxy Energy Co. can provide different types of slack wax for their customers upon their request.

slack wax Application:Paraffin manufacturing, fuel industries, etc.

Heavy Slack Wax (12%)

Oil content 12 % wt ASTM D-721
Melting Point 54-62 ◦C ASTM D-938
Flash Point min. 245 ◦C ASTM D-92
Density at 15◦C 0.885 kg/L ASTM D-4052
Colour (Lovibond) Brown Method (2"cell)


Heavy Slack Wax (35%)

Oil content Max 35 % wt ASTM: D-721
Drop Melting Point 65 ◦C ASTM: D-127
Congealing Point 61 ◦C ASTM: D-937
Flash Point 265 ◦C ASTM: D-92
Kinemeatic Viscosity @100◦C 8 CST ASTM: D-445
Specific Gravity 25◦C / 25◦C 0.855 ASTM: D-190
Colour 2.0 (Brown) ASTM: D-1500


Slack Wax Packing

Slack Wax Packing

Iron Drums

  • Slack Wax
  • 195 kg
  • Net Wt.:177 kg
  • Tare Wt.: 18 kg
  • Packing Details: Iron Drums