Supply Capacity

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In cooperate with Bitumen Oil Refinery - Middle East

Asphalt Unit No. 1 (Production of Air Blown Bitumen)

This unit has been Designed and installed by an U.S. Company with the capacity of 10,000 BPD and currently has been developed to produce 22,000 BPD. Asphalt Unit No.2 (Production of Air Blown Bitumen) This unit includes two separate reactors, which were designed and equipped based on the European latest technology. Each reactor has the nominal capacity of 9000 barrels per day. The unit can produce maximum 18000 barrels per day.

Cutback Bitumen Unit:

The unit was designed and constructed by NIOC with the production capacity of 7100 barrels per day and it can produce all kinds of cutback Bitumen.

Bitumen Emulsion Unit:

The bitumen emulsion production unit with the capacity of 200 tons per day was designed and installed based on the European Latest Technology. It can produce 2-phased bitumen with water to be congruous with the environment and to be replaced the cutback Bitumen.


In cooperate with Private Factories in Middle East:

Bitumen Production Unit of the Infinity Galaxy is located in Persian Gulf. This unit possesses 3500 MT storage tanks and can produce 2,500 barrels of bitumen products per day and can fill up to 11,500 barrels of bitumen per day (2,500 tons per day). The production of high-quality bitumen and fast delivery of exported bitumen products, based on the location of refinery, are among the advantages of this unit.

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