Bulk Bitumen

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Infinity Galaxy supplies all grades of Bitumen in Bulk based on FOB terms or even EXW.
Providing Bulk Bitumen in some Global Markets especially in Middle East can be quite difficult. Our long term experience and deep relationship with vessel owners, tanker operators and our will assist you to arrange bulk bitumen delivery.
Our company has close relationship with refiners of bitumen and we’re able to offer a wide range of bulk bitumen supply solutions from Middle East.

Our professional logistic team ensures best freight rates for voyage charter or time charter to assist our clients meet their target final cost.
Bulk shipment can be supplied in tankers ranging in size between 1,000 and 8,000 metric tons. We can supply most grades of bitumen Ex-Works, CIF, or FOB basis depending on customer’s inquiry. Bulk shipment / loading in bitumen tankers are done in tank terminal by our team, we can arrange for discharge into trucks if a terminal with pipeline connection to a jetty is not available.

truck - Bulk Bitumen


 Bulk Bitumen

Infinity Galaxy can provide bulk vessel for exporting to all Asian Countries and North Africa such as India, Oman, UAE, China and ASEAN countries, Yemen. Also for exporting to CIS countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and Turkey, we can provide truck.
Our team will implement appropriate quality and quantity control measures to measure the quality of bitumen so that our clients shall receive the product at their destination port safely. During preparation for bulk shipment we appoint international inspection agencies such as SGS or Geochem to inspect quality and quantity for the clients at the loading port.

Bulk Bitumen Transportation

carrier availability on some Global Markets is quite tight and insufficient, however our team will assist our clients to materialize bulk bitumen supplies. Infinity Galaxy also has strong relationships with many refiners of bitumen both small and large throughout the world (mostly in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea) therefore we are able to offer a wide range of bulk bitumen supply solutions.
The most factors affecting on Bulk Bitumen Carrier Rates are:
1- Port of Discharge
2- Service Charges
3- Season of Loading
4- Discharge Terminal Fees
5- Bunker Price in Destination
6- Vessel Capacity (Minimum capacity is 1000 MT)
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