Other Asian Countries

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Other Asian Countries

Asia will see robust growth in bitumen demand in years ahead as China and India build new roads though supply will keep pace as new refineries in the region and the Middle East will pump out more material.
There will be a "tremendous" growth in bitumen demand in the next five years on the back of an explosion in automotive production.
Asia’s largest consumer of bitumen, China, was also set to see a spike in bitumen demand as the country raced to build new roads and highways, an industry analyst said.
By 2015 the two emerging economies - China and India - alone would account for about 75% of the total demand in Asia Pacific.
“The Asia Pacific demand is forecasted to rise to 42m MT  2018,” adding that Asia Pacific asphalt demand grew from 18.02m MT in 2000 to 30.44m MT in 2008, mainly on the back of consumption by China and India.
Infinity Galaxy huge quantity of Bitumen to Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
Export Docs of Infinity Galaxy to Other Asian Countries:  

  • Performa Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Inspection Report
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin


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